Direct Launching

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  • RocketLauncher allows you to use all of its features and play a game without the need to enter your Front End.
  • This feature can be particularly useful if you are just testing if a game works well in your computer, if you want to create a desktop shortcut for an special game that you like or if you want to use an advanced launcher in HTPC programs like XBMC.
  • There are two ways to launch a game by RocketLauncher without entering your Front End: using the RocketLauncher menu or through a command line command.

RocketLauncher Menu Game Launch:

  • Double click RocketLauncher.exe. You will see the mini gui where you can choose your system and the rom to play.
  • Simply type in the name of the System and the Rom Name and click test.

Command Line Game Launch:

  • Note: This GUI hasn't been touched in a long time and is VERY limited. So don't expect the same behavior or options as if launching from within RocketLauncherUI or your front end. It also can only use RocketLauncherUI databases.
  • Note: I highly suggest only using RocketLauncherUI to do your test launching as this GUI may be phased out soon.