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You need to have HyperPin installed in your computer.

You need to have HyperLaunch version or above to configure correctly HyperPin.

Grab the latest HyperLaunch installation package from the HyperLaunch Download section.

How to Configure HyperPin in Three Easy Steps

This is a step by step guide of how to use HyperPin on Hyperlaunch.

First Step

Open HLHQ, go to the HyperLaunchHQ tab, click on the plus sign to add a new FrontEnd and configure the HyperPin FrontEnd as showed in the image bellow:

HLHQ HyperPin - Screen 1.png

Warning: If you don't have the HyperPin plugin listed on the HyperLaunchHQ plugin dropdow list, you have to either update your HyperLaunch files and/or enable Plugin loading in the HyperLaunchHQ Settings tab.

The HyperPin Pinball systems should appear on the HLHQ systems list (left). Configure them to work as you would do for any other system on HyperLaunch.

Second Step

Download the fplaunch.exe file of the link bellow and copy it to your HyperPin folder.


HLHQ HyperPin - Screen 2.png

This file is necessary to redirect the HyperPin games launches to the HyperLaunch.exe file and also to support extra systems not originally supported by HyperPin. Warning! Remenber to backup your fplaunch.exe file if you want to restore things in the future.

Third Step

HyperPin needs to know where your HyperLaunch app is installed. In order to do this, open your HyperPin\Settings\Settings.ini file and add this section to it with the correct path for your machine:

HLHQ HyperPin - Screen 3.png

Play a Table

Open HyperPin and launch a table.

If you configured everything correctly in HyperLaunchHQ, the table should run without issues.

Advanced Options

Support for Additional Pinball Applications

HyperPin by default only supports the Visual Pinball and the Future Pinball systems.

However, you can setup any HyperLaunch supported system on HyperPin if you follow these steps.

1 - Include the game for the alternative system on the future pinball database file (HyperPin\Databases\Future Pinball\Future Pinball.xml).

2 - Inside the game info, include a special xml tag named <system> to define which HyperLaunch system should be used to launch this game.

HLHQ HyperPin - Screen 4.png

That is it. When you launch the game, the special fplaunch.exe included here will send to HyperLaunch the correct system.

HyperLaunch Menus Following your screen Orientation

Some pinball apps will require you to rotate the screen before playing the game (like Pinball Arcade). HyperLaunch modules will do that automatically for you. Just follow the module instructions to set that.

For showing the HyperLaunch graphics on the correct orientation for the pinball apps that run sideways on your monitor (like Visual Pinball, Future Pinball, Pinball FX2 and Unit3D Pinball) you need to set the screen rotation angle on HyperLaunchHQ.

HLHQ HyperPin - Screen 5.png