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Setting Up LEDBlinky & RocketLauncher


  • This feature allows you to set up a LEDBlinky profile for RocketLauncher.
  • The profile will be triggered when the Pause, Multigame, Multiplayer and Rom Mapping menus are activated.
  • The profile allows you to set the buttons that light up when the menus are activated.

LEDBlinky Controls.xml

LEDBlinky does not natively support RocketLauncher, this means you need to manually create a RocketLauncher ‘emulator’ within LEDBlinky.

You do this by inserting the following into LEDBlinkyControls.xml (located within the LEDBlinky folder):

<emulator emuname="RocketLauncher" emuDesc="RocketLauncherPause">
<controlGroup groupName="DEFAULT" voice="" numPlayers="2" alternating="0" defaultActive="48,48,48,48" defaultInactive="0,0,0,0">
<player number="0">
<player number="1">

Where you insert it may depend slightly on whether you’ve already added emulators through LEDBlinkyControlsEditor. The easiest way is to just put it between 2 existing emulators.

Look for this:

<emulator emuname=”OTHER” emuDesc=””>

And add the above in between the two. Once added you can close the xml.

Note: If you’ve spent ages adding emulators and games through the built in controls editor, make sure you take a back up of the xml before you start manually pasting stuff in.

You can test that you’ve added the ‘emulator’ correctly by opening LEDBlinkyControlsEditor.exe. If there is a problem it should tell you there is an error in the xml. If there is no problem, you should see a new emulator in the list called RocketLauncher.

You can change the buttons etc... for the dummy emulator within the controls editor.

RocketLauncher UI

The set up within RocketLauncher UI is pretty straight forward.

Select GLOBAL from the list of emulators and the General Settings tab. Open the Third Party tab.

Right at the bottom of the page is the LEDBlinky Path box. Use the magnifing glass to browse to your LEDBlinky.exe and enter it here.

Note: On my system there are actually 2 LEDBlinky.exe files (I'm not sure if it's just my setup)

Just make sure you point RLUI to the LEDBlinky.exe that is in the same folder as the controls editor, animation editor etc...

You also need to tell RLUI that you want to use LEDBlinky.

In GLOBAL, open the Settings tab. Within the Main Settings tab, change the LEDBlinky Enabled box from false to true.

That’s it, you should now be able to use LEDBlinky with RocketLauncher.