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To avoid problems with Rocketlauncher and BigBox:

1. Update RocketLauncher to the last version.

2. In RocketlauncherUI, create a new Front end:

a. Name: Launchbox.

b. Path: Your bigbox.exe path.

c. Plugins: Launchbox.

3. In RocketlauncherUI, Main Settings:

a. Set Hide frontend to True.

b. Set Restore frontend to False.

Setting The Command Line in LaunchBox

First, set up RocketLauncher as an emulator in Launchbox. Name it something like "RocketLauncher" and point it to RocketLauncher.exe. *Do not point it to RocketLauncherUI.exe.

Next, you have to set the default command line parameter in Launchbox.

Set it to:

%Platform% -p LaunchBox -f "(Type Full Path to LaunchBox.exe here)" -s "%platform%" -r


%Platform% -p LaunchBox -f "L:\LaunchBox\Launchbox.exe" -s "%platform%" -r

  • Make sure that you've set up your default emulator for each system in RocketLauncher. This should have created a file called Emulators.ini in the directory RocketLauncher/Settings/[System Name]. The above command will tell Launchbox to look in this location for every system, so you DO NOT have to set up individual command lines for each system under Associated Platforms in Launchbox anymore.

Rocektlauncher takes a long time to load (compared when using with other FrontEnds) because of the many checks needed to find all LB media. During this time BigBox will operate normally (until the RocketLauncher fade screen appears).

This process is still being tested, so if you found an error edit this page.