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  • MultiPlayer support is an easy to use GUI for any emulator that supports networked multiplayer.
  • It provides a menu system to input IP addresses, ports and define amount of players for the network game.

Current Modules with MultiPlayer support

  • DOSBox (requires exodos 2.0 set)
  • RetroArch

How it's used in DOSBox

  • Each game that supports networked multiplayer needs to be customized in HLHQ. This is only the case with DOS because of the different network protocols used over the years, and each game is its own program with very different methods of getting networked sessions to connect to each other.
  • Here is an example of Doom and how it's configured in HLHQ:
    Dosbox settings.png
  • This is what Doom looks like as the server when you are waiting for another play to connect:

The MultiPlayer Menu

  • When you launch a game that networking has been turned on, you will be presented with this menu:
    Mp select.jpg
  • Single Player will launch the game as if networking was off
  • MultiPlayer Server will present you with the Port you want to host on and if necessary, number of players for the session that will play.
    Mp port.jpg
    Mp players.jpg
  • Also as a server, you will get this screen to let your clients know what LAN/WAN IP and port they need to use to connect to you:
    Mp notice.jpg
  • Selecting MultiPlayer Client will present you with the IP address and port of the server you want to connect to.
    Mp ipaddress.jpg
    Mp port.jpg