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There are nine keys with functions related with Pause that can be changed on RocketLauncherUI or int the RocketLauncher Settings ini files. Some of them have additional functions not listed below:

  • The Pause menu Key:
  • Open and closes the Pause menu (your default exit emulator key can also be used to close Pause).
  • Default Key: ~NumpadAdd (avoid using a key commonly used on emulators).

  • The Select Key:
  • Select a pause menu option or enter full screen mode.
  • Default Key: Enter

  • The Four Directional Keys:
  • Move between Pause Menu options. Pan in zoom mode.
  • Default Keys: Up, Down, Left, Right

  • The Back to Main Menu Bar Key:
  • Used to give focus to the main menu bar. If you are in a submenu with many options you can go back to the main menu bar instantaneously just by pressing this key. This can be particularly useful in the Moves List Menu for games with a long moves information list.
  • Default Key: X

The Zoom Keys:
  • Zoom pdf pages and image files at full screen mode
  • Default Keys: C and V

  • The Screenshot Key:
  • Take a Screenshot of the current window and save it to the Pause Artwork folder.
  • Default Key: ~PrintScreen

Related RocketLauncher ini Keys described in this section: