RLUI Troubleshooting

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RocketLauncherUI not starting?

  • RocketLauncherUI requires .NET Framework 4.0, so make sure you have it installed. You can download and install it from HERE.

If RLUI fails to start, you may need to install the VC++ Redistributable packs as well. They are not cumulative, so start with 2010 and work up from there. Many emulators require these files as well so it may be necessary to install them anyways.

RocketLauncherUI complains that RocketLauncherUI.exe.config is missing and closes itself

  • That's because you deleted that file, grab the RLUI package again and make sure you extract the RocketLauncherUI.exe.config file into the same folder as the RLUI executable.

I found a bug, how do I report it?

  • Post it in the forums, also include the RocketLauncherUI.log file as that might help. Before making the post try to replicate the crash and then take your time to describe your problem as detailed as possible stating step by step what you did to provoke the issue, this is crucial info in order for the problem to be fixed.

RocketLauncherUI crashed!

  • This should never happen as all exceptions should be handled, but if it does happen please report it in the forums so you can look into it. Make sure you attach the log file (RocketLauncherUI.log) to your post and follow the exact same directions as reporting a bug.

RocketLauncherUI crashes before even loading with a 'RocketLauncherUI stopped working' error!

  • This is normally caused by some external tool or library that you have installed on your machine. One known tool causing issues is ASUS Sonic Studio 2 so if you have this installed you might need to disable it in order to run RLUI.

Asus Sonic Studio.jpg

Can I contact the authors directly if I need help?

  • NO! Under any circumstances you may not contact the authors directly if you need help with something, that's what the forum is for and your problems might be the problems of others in the future so they can benefit from your questions being public. Any pm received asking for help will be ignored. This might sound harsh but you have to understand that problems do happen and if everyone burdedned the developers with allt heir problems, they would not be able to provide new features and fix bugs because all their time would go to answering PMs.