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What this is:

VJoy Virtual Joystick is a software application and virtual driver system that allows keyboard input to be translated to joystick input.

Where to download:

You can find it on it's homepage along with detailed setup instructions here.

Why do I need this?:

Sega Dreamcast WinCE games in Makaron will only respond to joystick input. If you do not use a joystick, the only way you can play these games is to use VJoy to translate your keyboard keys. You may also want to control some PC games as a joystick instead of a keyboard.


  • Per-system VJoy support. Can enable it globally or only per-system
  • 3 levels of profile support. Rom, emulator, or system profiles.
  • Path to store your profiles is customizable

How to use:

Create a folder your RocketLauncher\Profiles folder (or wherever your Profiles_Path key is set to) called "VJoy" (this can be changed in RocketLauncher.ini). This will be where you place your VJoy profiles. The folder structure works like this (using Sega Dreamcast as the example system):

  • RocketLauncher\Profiles\VJoy\Sega Dreamcast\%romName%.ini - Your rom-specific profiles (ex. Worms Armageddon (USA).ini).
  • RocketLauncher\Profiles\VJoy\Sega Dreamcast\%emuName%.ini - Your emulator-specific profiles (ex. Makaron.ini). The name of this profile should match your emulator name in Global Emulators.ini or your system's Emulators.ini.
  • RocketLauncher\Profiles\VJoy\Sega Dreamcast\_Default.ini - Your default system profile.

The profile chosen when you launch a game works like this: It will first look for a rom profile, if not found, it looks for an emulator specific profile, if not found, it looks for a system profile. Lastly, if no profiles are found, will simply state in the log that you have VJoy enabled but no profiles were found. So to recap, the order profiles are loaded are:

  1. Game specific profile
  2. Emulator specific profile
  3. System specific profile